Cold Cutting And Beveling

NIPPUR offers a mechanized pipe cutting machines for all types of pipes or tubes to create a desired profile, can process material carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, engineering plastic and cast steel.

NIPPUR pipe cutting and beveling machines are portable machines, they are light weight reliable easy to use and they ensure a perfect weld preparation with no heat affected zones on all types of materials such as steel or inox tubes.

NIPPUR pipe cutting machines can cut all sizes of casing in oilfield wells(range 7” to 24”).


• Split-frame technology for endless heavy wall steel pipe
• Extremely low weight of the cold cutting machines for easy handling and lifting
• Quick and safe clamping and adjustment
• Radial severing of pipes, don’t influence material of pipe
• Simultaneous cutting and beveling
• Pipe and forming before weld preparation
• Driven by pneumatic motor, No-spark in the process of working, safe and reliable operation, it could be suitable for inflammable and dangerous working

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NIPPUR offers its clients and partners a wide range of multiple oil field services and equipment dedicated to serving the oil drilling and workover services including one of the most modern tools and equipment’s in the oil & gas industry.

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