Hot Tapping and Valve Boring

Nippur has been providing hot tapping services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We have systems for pressures up to 10,000 PSI.

Nippur have the technique of attaching a welded branch fitting to piping or equipment in service, and then creating an opening in that piping or equipment by drilling or cutting a portion of the piping or equipment within the attached fitting.(In certain specific situations a bolted or mechanical fitting may be used). This approach is not common practice in oil processing and petrochemical facilities

Nippur designs, supplies and operates systems for the provision of hot tapping into valves on wellheads, Christmas trees, check valves and all types of tubulars. We provide this service for the global upstream oil and gas industry as well as downstream petrochemical facilities – working on pipelines, flare lines, valves etc.

Benefits of the Nippur Hot Tapping system:

    • Full pressure containment to allow for simultaneous operations
    • Proven to cut from standard steel pipe, through to super-hard materials like honeycomb stellite
    • Range of machines for applications up to 10,000 PSI
    • Modular systems provide flexible project applications
    • Systems that enhance safety and operational efficiency
    • Hot tap size is limited only by the pressure that may be present
    • Equalization-controlling orifice valve reduces dynamic shock to the pressure retaining components
    • Fully trained field-personnel available
    • We provide Standard boring sizes from 0.5 – 19” with larger sizes accommodated on request

About NIPPUR Oil

NIPPUR offers its clients and partners a wide range of multiple oil field services and equipment dedicated to serving the oil drilling and workover services including one of the most modern tools and equipment’s in the oil & gas industry.

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