Well Conductor Pipe Repair and Integrity Services

Well conductor repair and associated integrity and asset life extension services are therefore a critical to maximize working life, in terms of both time and economic value. NIPPUR provides a wide range of field-proven services to extend the life of well conductors.

• Conductor pipe failed/bad cement removal up to 5 meters depth using ultra high pressure water jetting pump cleaner.
• Top up cement to fill conductor pipe-surface casing gap ...Read More.
• Conductor pipe integrity services to control leakage from conductor-surface casing gap by installation of designed casing patch.
• In order to extend the life of well and prevent well dropping, NIPPUR provides a design, manufacture and installation of non-retaining clamp to support wellhead as client requirements.
• NIPPUR provides a precise tooling and Engineering solution for wellhead alignment in order to Rif up work over Rigs.